Can a woman be too toned?

August 2, 2011 9:21:11 AM PDT
New pictures of Cameron Diaz, showing her very toned arms, set the internet abuzz with a new debate, can a woman be too toned? Do bulging muscles enhance or get in the way of feminine beauty?

Bulging biceps, washboard stomachs, lean, mean, cant-pinch-an-inch bodies who some critics say woman need to tone it down.

Cameron Diaz has recently come under fire for her sculpted muscles, broad shoulders and v-shaped, hardened physique. But that is what she's worked so hard forwith grueling, punishing workouts similar to that of her buff boyfriend, A- Rod - who, by the way, no one's ever criticized for being too toned.

"In today's society men are supposed to bebig and strong," says physical trainer Brett Talla.

But women may be a double standard.

Kelly Ripa has been ripped for being too ripped.

A few years ago, Madonna had people up in arms for being too "vein" so to speak.

But perhaps, Serena Williams depicts the pop-culture paradox best. She's been described as either too muscular to be feminine or too fat for tennis.

"We have to start as a culture accepting women in our new roles and that's as strong confident muscular curvy women," says fitness model, Summer White.

Summer White is a body builder who says 'bring on the muscle.'

"I saw pics of Cameron Diaz in beautiful a yellow suit, I thought she looked phenomenal," she says.

There is a big difference between essential fats for men and for women.

Essentially, the minimum amount of fat necessary for basic physical health for women is 10 to13 percent.

For men it's 2 to 5 percent.

Still, for some, it's now trendy to be a real life GI JANE.