People neglecting car repairs due to economy

August 4, 2011 2:11:08 PM PDT
A new survey from AAA finds the tough economy is driving some Americans to skimp on their motor vehicles.

One-in-four car owners surveyed said they've neglected auto repairs or maintenance in the last 12 months. But skipping routine checks could end up being just as costly or worse.

If you choose to save pennies today, it could cost you major dollars tomorrow. It also impacts the safety of your vehicle, so you are putting yourself and the passengers at risk.

A small repair that balloons into a larger issue could be an even greater problem.

One-in-four drivers also said if hit with an auto repair bill of 2,000 dollars or more, they simply couldn't pay it.

More than half said they're holding on to an older vehicle until they can really afford a new one, which makes maintenance and driving habits even more crucial.

Drivers' behavior has the most predominant impact on the fuel efficiency in your vehicle.

AAA recommends driving the speed limit, and avoiding unnecessary acceleration to avoid burning fuel, saving you money at the pump, and reducing the risk of pricey traffic tickets and costly accidents.

(This is a CNN report)