BCakeNY makes edible works of art

August 5, 2011 2:29:44 PM PDT
A baker in Brooklyn whips up custom cakes like you've probably never seen.

Her graphic design background helps her create unique cakes that look like works of art.

One cake looks like a real couch.

Only this one is made from part sugar, part butter, and a mixture of passion and hard work.

"We are a place where you can get cakes that look amazing and taste amazing as well," said Miriam Milord, the owner of BCakeNY.

That place is called BCakeNY and is located on Washington Street in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn.

Inside you will find owner Miriam Milord and her staff meticulously crafting custom cakes.

The former graphic artist creates to order.

"All popular kids characters, everything from Nickelodeon, to lots of Yo Gabba Gabba.

I do a lot of fashion cakes, fashion labels, purses, shoes," Milord said.

These yummy creations are so life like they can almost be mistaken for the real thing.

Her secret recipe is keeping it simple.

"We use real ingredients, real chocolate, butter, full fat, we don't try to cut corners," Milord said.

Milord has already begun building an impressive clientele, including P. Diddy.

She flew one cake to LA for Courtney Kardashian's baby shower.

"We've transported cakes to LA and to Florida, stressful deliveries on planes sometimes with the cake having its own seat," Milord said.

She's only been open since February, but the calls have been rolling in.

She has a stack this weekend, and she says every week she turns down about 30 more.

"I don't want to say no to anybody," Milord said.

For now, Milord has two fulltime employees and several interns, but is hoping to expand, not just her space, but her portfolio too.

"So, can you make us a Channel 7 cake?" Eyewitness News reporter Lori Bordonaro asked.

"Of course, I would love too," Milord asked.

For more information please visit: http://www.bcakeny.com/