Family speaks out after teen killed for bracelet

August 5, 2011 7:45:20 PM PDT
A family is truly heartbroken at the loss of a promising 17-year-old, killed apparently for his bracelet.

The family has a powerful message that they wanted to share through their grief.

"We need to stop the killing because now we have to bury my nephew and there are no words to express it," said Tanya Moore, the victim's aunt.

Tanya Moore and her family think of all things Shytik Bowman, her nephew, could have accomplished, but now his young life was tragically cut short.

They're a close family grieving for him.

"His ambition was to be around his sister, day in and day out now it's sad to see what happened as a father," said Kendrick Moore, the victim's father.

Thursday evening he was visiting relatives on Staten Island.

Around 10:15 he went down to get some food at the Island Deli and Grocery.

He was heading up Holland Avenue when he is believed to have been confronted by at least one man, maybe several.

They shot him.

His family thinks they were trying to steal his bracelet.

"He didn't have the bracelet when he was found," Tanya Moore said.

"Something as materialistic as that. You take my son's life for that. A bracelet can be replaced, but a life can't," Kendrick Moore said.

"It is senseless violence that took Shytik's life, says his grandmother Roselle Wright.

"All of our young kids are getting killed. We need to do something about it. And I dearly loved my grandson," Wright said.

Just a couple of weeks away from turning 18, Shytik, his family says, had dreams like any teenager and talent.

"That's all he wanted to do was play his music and do his art. He's not going to get that chance to do it and it's sad," Tanya Moore said.

Grieving as a family with too much pain to bear, they don't want others to have to suffer.

"Get involved and maybe we can help to get this killing stopped," Wright said.