NYC Housing Authority receives bad report card

August 8, 2011 3:22:31 PM PDT
There's a scathing report out Monday about New York City's public housing.

It is the first ever resident report card and in most of the categories the city's Housing Authority, which is the largest in the country, received a "D".

The biggest complaint is broken elevators.

It's named after a former judge, but it's residents of the Patterson Houses who have offered their opinion: ranking it one of the most mismanaged housing developments in the city.

The survey took into account everything from cleanliness to the state of the infrastructure to timeless of repairs.

One resident gave it a "Z minus" which isn't really a grade but it's not too far off.

Five different community groups teamed up to survey 1,500 public housing residents throughout the city.

The first report card of its kind gave the New York City Housing Authority a "C" for repairs and a "D+" for maintenance including pest control and elevator service.

The study blames much of the problem on budget cuts, and NYCHA agrees.

In a statement the Housing Authority writes "Buildings that are 40 to 70-years-old are aging structures that require a great deal of repair, for which the authority receives inadequate funding."

The Housing Authority has set up a task force to identify and address the most pressing repair needs and 400 temporary workers have been hired.

But residents wonder if it's enough

The housing authority says it is bracing for $200 million in cuts from Congress which could force the delay of some 70,000 repairs.

Meaning the only letter "A" residents can expect to see will correspond to apartment numbers.