Seven Blocks in Tottenvillle

August 9, 2011 2:04:59 PM PDT
When you step out into the neighborhood of Tottenville, you are stepping into the most southern point in all of New York State.

Your first views are of the Arthur Kill, the water channel that separates New York from New Jersey. Beyond the water, the neighborhood is peppered with colorfully painted Victorian homes. Many of the families living here are relatives of the first settlers to the area.

"It's a nice area to walk around. It's just a great area," said MTA Engineer, Eddie Cahill.

About six blocks from the station is Conference House Park, a 265-acre park popular with bikers and lovers of the outdoors.

The park gets its name from the nearby Conference House, famous for the peace conference held there on September 1776. It is where Ben Franklin, John Adams and other leaders of the time unsuccessfully tried to end the Revolutionary war.

"Makes me feel good that we are in the same place as some historical people did a lot of good," says Tottenville resident Joseph Lauro.

A little closer to the station in the park is the Biddle house, the former home of Captain Henry Hogg Biddle. He owned the ferryboat between Tottenville and Perth Amoby. His 1845 home is considered a rare example in New York of the Greek Revival architecture.

But if all you want is to cool off at an old fashioned ice cream shop, then Egger's Ice Cream Parlor is for you. Soda fountains, candy, and a wide variety of flavors makes this a popular fixture in the neighborhood. And it's just three blocks from the station.

"Kids love it. They can get their candy. It's home. We are in town. It's nice," said resident Kim Leo.

Good food, historic sites and idyllic scenery are to be found when you explore within the 7 blocks of the Tottenville stop in Staten Island.

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