MyBlockNYC: Website brings the city to you

August 9, 2011 2:49:26 PM PDT
Even if you live in New York your whole life you probably won't walk down "every" block in the city.

Now a new video sharing website is helping bring the city to you! "The diversity here needs to be captured," said MyBlockNYC co-founder, Alex Rickard.

Alex Rickard and Alex Kalman are hoping to capture life in New York with their new video sharing site, called

Sometimes these New Yorkers post their own videos of what they see.

But what they really want is for you to upload what you see.

So you'll both edited pieces and snippets. For example a 38 year old posted this video, which was shot in central park.

This video came from Canal Street.

And here Josh Safdie hopes to show the action along 47th street for a film he's making. What he shoots here he'll also post on MyBlockNYC.

The site went live in July and within two weeks, 1200 videos were posted. You can search according to gender, age, location, subject and whether the video was made by a local or a tourist.

And get this- the Museum of Modern Art has a MyBlockNYC kiosk as part of its interactive exhibit called "Talk to Me".

So whether you're sharing a video for the glory of being at MOMA or for the sake of community, MyBlockNYC is open to what you see. Your vision. Your interpretation of life in New York.