Arrest in murder of Dutchess Co. teen

August 11, 2011 9:07:59 AM PDT
A suspect has been arrested in the murder of Kathryn Filiberti.

For nearly 5 months, a dark cloud has been hanging over the community, ever since 18-year-old Kathryn Filiberti's body was found in a park.

Stephen Shand was charged with second-degree murder in the apparent strangulation of Kathryn Filiberti.

"It's terrible for Hyde Park, we never had anything like this before," a resident said.

News of an arrest may finally allow residents here to truly feel comfortable again.

"People have been on edge because they were afraid something else was going to happen," a resident said.

Shand's already been arraigned in town court.

"Hopefully the truth will come out over time," a resident said.

Filiberti's body was found on March 19th.

Shand was a substitute carrier for a Poughkeepsie Journal delivery contractor, and investigators believe Filiberti got into the vehicle Shand used to deliver the newspapers after leaving a party. He is not believed to have known the teen, and the killing is not believed to be premeditated.

Shand was a suspect for some time in the murder, but investigators did not immediately make an arrest as they built their case.

There have been numerous rumors and speculation about potential suspects.

It was a confusing series of disappointing twists and turns for residents who've been following the case.

"With all the things that have been said we hear an arrest has been made, I don't know," a resident said.

There are still doubts as residents here attempt to sort out truth from fiction.

In the morning Thursday, investigators are expected to release new information about the suspect.

What we now know, is that he delivered the local paper: The Poughkeepsie Journal, the same newspaper that's been following the case.

"I can't imagine what the parents have been through it breaks my heart," a resident said.