NJ gov 'unlikely' to support NJ-NY toll hike plan

August 11, 2011 3:26:38 PM PDT
The toll hikes are keeping New Jersey Governor Chris Christie busy. The Port Authority is standing firm behind a proposed four-dollar increase for bridges and tunnels that would raise the toll to $12 from the current eight bucks. This Brooklyn taxi driver crosses regularly.

"I'm already paying a lot for gas," said Marc Gantt, a Brooklyn taxi driver who crosses regularly.

And PATH train commuters would pay 65-percent more to ride. an average $1.75 fare, could go to about $2.90.

"If they want to raise it again, it will encourage people to stay in Jersey City and not go to Manhattan," said Jersey City resident Lina Husain.

Jersey City leaders are dead set against it, mayor and council last night unanimously approved a resolution against it.

"This is the absolute worst time to raise tolls and fares during what I call the 'Second Great Depression,'" said Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healey.

The Port Authority says the big hike is needed to cover the cost of rebuilding the World Trade Center site, enhancing security on its properties, and bridges and road maintenance. Both Governors Christie and Cuomo, have the right to veto the Port Authority's decision. Governor Christie says they both want smaller increases.

"There's no reason for such a steep increase, and we want to know what they've been spending their money on," said New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Public hearings begin on Tuesday and the Port Authority votes August 19th.