When kids should stop napping daily

August 11, 2011 7:24:28 PM PDT
Some days nap time goes smoothly, other times it's a bit of a battle. For Kelley Basinger, today is just one of those days.

Her son will fall asleep in the car for just a couple of minutes on the way home from preschool, and he thinks that's his nap.

But if you stick to a few simple strategies as your children grow, you're more likely to be successful. First of all, though newborns can sleep just about anytime and anywhere, by 6 to 9 months, babies need to stop sleeping on the go. It's time to start a routine napping schedule.

A really important thing about napping is to have some consistency. Offer your child the same place to sleep every day at roughly the same time.

And don't wait until they are overly tired to put them down for their nap. Children usually stop napping between 3 to 5 years old, but they still need down time, or quiet time each afternoon, even if they don't fall asleep.

So how do you know when your child is ready to give up napping?

Kids are probably ready to give up that nap if they are able to stay awake all day, and don't have a grouchy period around dinner time.