Young man killed for just 50 cents

August 11, 2011 7:24:10 PM PDT
A young man was killed while defending his brother from a group of guys trying to rob him of just 50 cents.

"You can't even have your kids outside. It's not even safe," said Chris Chadwick, the victim's friend.

Chris Chadwick couldn't stop crying thinking about the young man who gave her impressionable little boy a great example.

20-year-old Willmer Hernandez was shot three times outside Holland Deli defending his little brother.

A group of guys tried to rob the 16-year-old of just 50 cents.

"You can't even have your kids walk outside. They really need to really do something about this in New York City. It's scary," Chadwick said.

Hernandez was a student at Manhattan Community College.

He lived in a Mase Avenue apartment building with his family.

Just before 11 Monday night, he went with his brother across the street to grab some snacks.

The teen was confronted by a group of men and Willmer stepped in.

"He was a nice person he always tried to look out for people. He always gave kindness heart and love. I would do the same for my brother," said Ebony Peterkin, the victim's friend.

Thursday evening police in a CrimeStoppers truck circled the neighborhood put up posters and passed along information hoping someone can help catch the other men.

Friends and neighbors set up a cluster of candles and a bunch of balloons outside the deli and they put up rest in peace letters outside his home.

They're all doing their best to make sense of the senseless.