Making sure boardwalk games are fair play

August 12, 2011 2:17:38 PM PDT
Consumer affairs investigators conducted "Safe Summer 2011" Task Force sweep in Seaside Heights on Friday.

The crew in blue from the Division of Consumer Affairs wants to make sure you get a fair shot at winning boardwalk games.

One game you land a quarter on a plate to win. Investigators say they check the plates to make sure they are not sprayed. One guy in Wildwood sprayed his players with furniture polish, chief investigator Scott Jenkins said.

They found problems at the basketball toss in Seaside Heights. The balls were overfilled.

"It's 18 pounds, and it's supposed to be 6 pounds," Jenkins said. "It just bounces right off the rim, not fair."

Several problems were found with a monster claw game to grab an expensive Coach purse. Try, try and try, but there's no grip After tightening the grip, investigators tried again.

"Last try. It doesn't work. So this machine fails," Jenkins said.

The investigators make several boardwalk inspections during the summer season. They find most of them fair, as do some players.

But violations bring fines that could be as much as a thousand dollars each.

"We just want to make sure people are being treated fairly," Jenkins said.