Long Island man's scooter trouble

Seven On Your Side
August 12, 2011 7:18:03 PM PDT
Under a doctor's order a Long Island man ordered a standup electric scooter to get around.

A neuropathic disease affecting his spine makes sitting painful, and walking excruciating, but the process of getting a scooter that worked, was even more of a pain.

"That's how I got hurt. I went off to the side and it hurt my leg like that," Frank Burnside said.

The stand-up scooter was supposed to be Frank Burnside's new lease on life.

But he says it wound up nearly breaking his leg.

"You had to jump off?" 7 On Your Side's Nina Pineda asked.

"Well, I wasn't going to stay on it when it was tipping over," Burnside said.

Frank bought the $1,200 Segscooter from the website, Great Sports Incorporated, based in Illinois last May.

But there were problems when it was delivered.

"Different model all together. I consider it used because the bumpers all scratched. I never rode this thing," Burnside said.

Nina Pineda took Frank's Segscooter for a test spin.

"It will only go on fast, and when it's on fast only one of the wheels is working. This is totally dangerous," Pineda said.

Great Sports promised to send a mechanic to fix it.

But, Frank says he never showed up.

Next, after numerous complaints to the company and its customer service division, Safer Wholesale, he was offered a replacement scooter.

"We'll give you a new one if you buy the broken one for $500.00 and keep it for parts. I said it's unacceptable to me," Burnside said.

So 7 On Your Side contacted Great Sports.

A manager blamed Frank, for being a serial complainer who he says, wasn't home when they sent a mechanic to fix his scooter.

After Eyewitness News explained how the Segscooter was malfunctioning, the company refused to take the scooter back, pointing to its contract that says no refunds or returns.

But weeks after 7 On Your Side's calls a scooter finally arrived.

The company sent Frank a brand new electric scooter and even waived the $500 charge.

"I thank you and 7 On Your Side for that, I really do," Burnside said.

After a homebound summer, Frank can now plan a vacation and keep up with his wife Ginny.


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