Staten Island flooding, stranded cars everywhere

August 14, 2011 3:26:53 PM PDT
Staten Island hasn't seen flooding like this in ages.

Cars almost completely submerged in water, leaving drivers stranded everywhere.

"It's s the worst it's been in a long time," stranded driver Tom Prestia said.

One of the hardest hit areas is on Ainsworth Avenue.

More than a half dozen cars were abandoned after drivers tried to navigate through the flooded street.

"I mean it's unbelievable. There were people panicking, we were calling 911 who was telling us to call 311. DOT said we can't help but more and more people kept getting stuck," stranded driver Thomas Oriol said.

One of those people was Tommy Takvorian.

Thankfully the NYPD Emergency Services Unit had just arrived as water began seeping in.

The rescue was a relief as they carried him from his car to dry land.

"I see the water, but I didn't think it was that deep," Takvorian said.

The water was deceiving to so many stranded drivers.

"It was before 6 o'clock, everything was black. I couldn't see," Takvorian said.

It's also a tough day for tow truck operators who have to actually go under water and pull these cars out. "You take a deep breath, go under water and try to catch something strong enough to pull the car out," one tow truck operator told Eyewitness News.

Tommy Takvorian is also taking a deep breath after his ordeal.

And has this advice for drivers.

"Pay attention," Takvorian advised.