10 inches of rain in parts of Long Island

August 14, 2011 4:16:16 PM PDT
Long Island is a mess. Some areas have been soaked with ten inches of rain.

Rail service on the Long Island Rail Road is disrupted and this deluge is causing widespread damage.

LIRR service was suspended on both the Far Rockaway and Long Beach branches due to flooding and signal problems.

There are buses operating from Valley Stream to those areas.


That subtle pitter patter the rain makes as it falls would sound so soothing if not for the giant headache it's creating for so many people along the southern part of Nassau County.

Flooded highways are leaving drivers stranded.

Some have no other choice but to wade away from their cars.

And as the rain just keeps on falling, the aftermath means more closed highways and big time back-ups.

Traffic troubles that started even before some reached their cars.

The flooding in one senior housing complex in Hempstead is soaking into vehicles.

But none of Sunday's damage could quite compare to what surrounds each squishing step inside one Hempstead church.

"Everywhere you go there's water. Everywhere it's a complete mess," said one eyewitness.

A mess created when the feet of water outside, poured inside, damaging everything.

It destroyed the rugs and sound equipment at the church.

Now, services are cancelled but prayers are still needed.

Not just for an end to the downpour but for a way to pack up what's left here and start over.

"We'll rebuild, I know God is with us even through this," said the pastor.