Apps to help you sleep

August 15, 2011 1:55:48 PM PDT
The latest technology could save you from some late nights.

New apps for smart phones are trying to connect you with dreamland.

Insomnia and anxiety afflict millions of people.

But instead of reaching for tranquilizers or sleeping pills, you might be smart to pick up your smart phone.

There you can find apps to help you relax.

On all the major mobile platforms, you'll see such names as:

- Simply being
- Mindfulness meditation
- Universal breathing - pranayama free

They use narration combined with music to guide the user through meditation and relaxation.

Other apps aim to lull you to sleep.

You'll find:

- Brain wave
- Pzizz sleep
- Mayo clinicinsomnia wellness solutions

You select what combination of sounds, words, and music opens the door to your shut-eye.

One caution: the apps range from free to pricey -- so make sure the expenses don't cost you any sleep.