Give your resume a makeover

August 15, 2011 2:04:09 PM PDT
The job market is looking up, but only slightly. Even with improvement in July -- almost 14 million Americans are looking for jobs.

Health care, retail or manufacturing led the way in terms of job growth last month.

If you're not trained in any of those fields, but are curious, career experts say highlight skills like leadership, management, and communication on your resume.

Those are an integral part of any field.

Don't get hung up on keeping your resume in chronological order. If you've been working odd jobs to pay the bills during your job hunt, those should have a place, but not necessarily at the top.

"What you can do is actually have below your relevant experience section on your resume, you can have additional experience, and don't include any bullets or anything, but just list what you've been working on even though it's not relevant to the position that you're applying for," Heather Huhman, career and hiring expert, said.

Research everything you can about the company before you walk in the door for an interview to gain any extra edge you can get.

"You want to go in there asking good questions, come in with ideas. It's a really good way to set yourself apart from the other candidates, and also increase your own confidence levels," Career Building Senior Adviser Jennifer Graszsaid said.