Senior's apartment shot at in Brooklyn

August 15, 2011 2:17:17 PM PDT
It was a frightening night for a Brooklyn woman who woke up and found bullet holes in her apartment window.

She wasn't hurt, but what's even more frightening for her is that this is the second time this has happened in three years.

Now that Rose Clifton's window and feeling of safety is shattered, there's no reason to sit in her favorite spot.

Four bullets pierced the glass in the middle of the night over the weekend and it had to be removed and boarded up.

"Every day I sit in this spot," Clifton said.

Ms. Clifton is the eyes and ears of her neighborhood on Grafton Street and is the one everyone turns to.

"There's nothing this lady won't do for you," said Dorothy Taylor, a neighbor.

Dorothy Taylor and other neighbors brag about her.

At 77 years of age, Ms. Clifton has earned the right to as well.

She's served as an auxiliary police officer and been honored with more than 20 service certificates from community boards and senators.

"All the tenants respect me because I help them out and everything," Clifton said.

But anyone here will also share their constant fear of shootings.

"We were sitting in her living room, POW POW POW!" a neighbor said.

The latest shooting was at 9:00 and Ms. Clifton says she is just fed up. She doesn't think she was targeted but she says all of this gun violence is heartbreaking.

"This is not working! Don't do this! Don't make no kind of sense," Clifton said.

So now she says she'll have to move, which is also breaking hearts.

"I don't want to see Ms. Rose leave because she is a good lady," said a neighbor.

A good lady who says she's pleaded with police for more patrols and even has compassion for the gunmen.

"They need help! They need help! They really need help," Clifton said.