No more underground blasts at night on 2nd Ave

August 15, 2011 8:14:08 PM PDT
The Second Avenue subway project is way over budget and far behind schedule.

But that's not the reason folks who live near the under construction Second Avenue subway complain.

It's the noise; Ear-shattering explosions that rock the night like a bombing raid.

But that will be no more.

Starting Monday night, there will be no underground blasting at night.

The sound you now hear is a big sigh of relief.

It was a relatively quiet night on Second Avenue Monday.

Construction workers cleared a path for the subway project by drilling deeper.

Because of a moratorium that's now in effect they won't be setting off underground explosions after 7 p.m. as they have in the past.

The Second Avenue subway project hasn't exactly endeared the MTA to Upper East Side residents.

"It's disruptive it really is," said a resident.

"I'm always amazed, it's worse than living in a shipyard," said Stan Skorupski, Upper East Side.

There's a lot of bad blood and businesses have suffered.

Some residents have had to move.

Call the moratorium on the underground blasts an olive branch extended by an MTA that will be in the neighborhood for several more years.

While the MTA and Upper East Side residents have clashed over the Second Avenue subway project, on this issue at least they are on the same page.

Most of the residents Eyewitness News spoke with welcome the moratorium, but they're concerned that it'll just slow the project down even more.

The project isn't expected to be completed for at least five more years.

That is unless the moratorium and or something else cause more delays.