Wife dead, husband shot while walking with son

August 17, 2011 7:26:45 PM PDT
More than 100 friends and relatives gathered at the scene of Nashish Noorani's murder for a candlelight vigil Wednesday night.

Everyone is asking how a sweet woman and devoted mother could have been the victim of a targeted shooting.

Members of the Noorani family sobbed and cried at the scene of her murder.

The 27-year-old mother of two young boys was shot and killed Tuesday night on Cedar Street in Boonton while walking home with her family from an Iftar dinner commemorating the holy month of Ramadan.

"She was a nice person, she never had problems with anyone," said Kaleem Noorani, the victim's brother.

Noorani's husband Kashif Pervaiz was also shot in the ankle and shoulder and is undergoing surgery at Morristown Medical Center.

Their 3-year-old son was in a stroller when his mother was murdered.

He was covered in blood but otherwise unharmed.

"Her son was always attached to her and she showed a lot of love and devotion to him, so it's so sad what happened here," said Wajaheet Khan, the victim's cousin.

Pervaiz was able to tell investigators that three men attacked him and his family on their short walk home at 11:30 Tuesday night.

"It's too much shock. Too much shock," Mansoor Hasan said.

The Morris County prosecutor has urged calm, but has offered few clues.

"This investigation is ongoing and the release of information at this stage would compromise the progress of same. From what we have already determined, however, it should be noted that this shooting clearly appears to be target specific and that there is not a continuing danger to the general public at large," Morris County Prosecutor Robert Bianchi said.

Noorani's relatives can't understand who would target the young woman and her husband, who live in Boston and were just visiting her family in Boonton for Ramadan.

"I've lived in the town for 30 years now and I've never heard of a tragedy like this, especially one of our own," said Aqeel Chaudhry, a family friend.

Pervaiz owns a real estate business in Brooklyn and his family says he is getting his Ph.D in architecture and engineering from Harvard.

Wednesday, Harvard said it had no record of him as a student there.