Mother and child survive crash with help from Good Samaritans

August 18, 2011 3:36:17 PM PDT
"The airbag hit me in the face. And I automatically took my seatbelt off because the baby was crying," said accident victim Jennifer Vasquez.

It was a frightening scene. Jennifer Vasquez was trapped in her mini-van after it crashed this morning in Peekskill. An accident she and her precious two-month-old-son Rafael may not have survived if not for the help of Good Samaritans.

"This guy came running, he was like 'you need to get out of there.' I didn't know how," Vasquez said.

Vasquez had just dropped off her husband at work and was driving when her car veered slightly, striking a large rock on the side of the road, flipping the car. Shortly thereafter, Vasquez smelled smoke.

"He just came and helped me out," said Vasquez.

With the car in flames, one of the Good Samaritans smashed the rear windshield with a rock. Little Rafael was still in his car seat which was hanging upside-down. Not only did he escape without a scratch, he fell asleep in the arms of one his rescuers.

In the meantime, Vasquez's husband raced to the scene after getting a frantic call.

"My heart was in my stomach. I didn't know what to think, I assumed the worst," said the husband, Eric Meisner.

Jennifer has a fat lip from the airbag and some minor cuts. But after a quick check at the hospital, both mother and baby were released.

Both parents wish they had a chance to offer a proper thank you to the man only known as Frank.

"He came up to me before he was leaving. He just shook my hand and said that he was leaving, and I said thank you, but I didn't know who he was until one of the cops said that he was the guy who broke the window and got her out," Meisner said.

"If it wasn't for the guy who broke the window, I don't think I would've made it out in time," said Vasquez.

A heroic deed, in the nick of time.