Elderly woman faces eviction Fri. after 44 years

August 19, 2011 3:20:40 PM PDT
Demonstrators protested the eviction of an elderly woman in Brooklyn Friday, and she will stay in her home at least through the weekend.

The woman was set to be evicted Friday, and everything leading up to today began years ago when she wanted to take out a second loan to pay for legal proceedings in order to adopt her great-granddaughter.

The home wound up in foreclosure, and that led to the eviction notice.

Protestors made sure that any attempt to evict 82-year-old Mary Ward would not go unnoticed.

"I'm so grateful. I didn't know I was loved so much," said Ward.

Ward said she would never leave her home of 44 years, when she previously spoke to Eyewitness News and laid out the details of her legal issues.

She was the victim of a sub-primed mortgage lender, a company that went bankrupt when the housing market crashed.

"The new owner of the building is a speculative owner who owns several buildings. He said to us he would give her back the house if she bought it back for $345,000," said housing advocate Jay Kim.

Ward says they cannot take away her dignity.

She is represented by city based advocates. They brokered a meeting today that included the owner of the building.

Ms. Ward says the legal issues were not resolved.

"All I'm asking for is equal justice under the law," adds Ward.

The advocates even object to the ownership of the building. Ward claims she will not leave the home even if Marshalls come to evict.