Business owners ditching cash register for high-tech option

August 24, 2011 2:04:02 PM PDT
The cozy Fab Café on East 4th Street in SoHo, rings up specialty coffees and baked goods. However, how they ring up their sales sets them apart. Old cash registers are out, and ShopKeep is in.

Business owners who are tired of their old and expensive cash register system use this high-tech option, because it makes ringing up sales simple.

Owner Erica Livingston says that ShopKeep has changed her business completely, and she is able to tailor the iPad program to meet the café's needs.

Clients pay a monthly fee of $49 for the program and customer support. Plus, ShopKeep will keep running even when the internet is down, which is a real plus for retailers. For Livingston, whose not-for-profit business helps to support the 4th avenue arts community, the service is a perfect fit.