34 Conn. troopers lose jobs; union going to court

August 24, 2011 12:50:34 PM PDT
The first 34 of 56 Connecticut state troopers who are being laid off due to budget cuts have turned in their equipment and are without a job.

Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Commissioner Reuben Bradford said Wednesday that the remaining troopers will leave state service on or before Sept. 8.

The union representing the troopers, however, is trying to stop the job cuts. Sgt. Andrew Matthews said he planned to go Hartford Superior Court on Wednesday to seek court action. He did not elaborate.

Bradford said while he does not want to lay off the troopers, their union failed to ratify the entire labor concessions package, making them vulnerable to job cuts. Bradford said public safety will not be compromised.

Matthews is being transferred and calls the move retaliatory.

The governor's office denies the charge.