A different kind of date night service

August 31, 2011 2:01:55 PM PDT
Making your mark in the world takes lots of work, and sometimes not enough play.

Now, a group of innovative investors looked for a way to mix business with pleasure.

"In that discussion it was like, you know, if we help couples go out and do stuff, that's going to make their relationships stronger," Rob Schumann, Date Night CEO, said.

The end result is Date Night, a web venture that launched in March.

Member couples give their preferences, and each Monday three completely preplanned weekend nights out arrive in their email, ranging from concerts to outdoor adventures to tours of Washington D.C. landmarks.

Unlike traditional group-buying sites, there's no discount involved, unless you count the convenience.

"We buy the tickets for you, tell you how to get there, make the restaurant reservations, you know, whatever the components are," Schumann said.

That was a selling point for Ed and Chrissie Devinney, busy parents of teenagers.

"You don't have to think of the ideas. You don't have to call around to find the prices. You don't have to coordinate, if you know, we go there, where are we are we gonna go for dinner, and it's all kind of laid out for you, and who's gonna -- and times and things. It's all sort of laid out for you," Devinney said.

But what about the kids? Date night now has an answer. A sister site, Sitter Circles, has grown out of child care requests and matches parents with local sitters.

Date night is just in the D.C.area now, but looks for more cities coming soon.