Helping cut the costs of college textbooks

August 31, 2011 2:43:03 PM PDT
College textbooks can cost a small fortune, but new programs and technology are helping cut costs.

At the Seton Hall bookstore, the offer to save big on textbooks is impossible to miss.

The bookstore began renting textbooks last year, which is part of a growing national trend.

The bookstore is run by the Follett Higher Education Group, which operates nearly 1,000 college bookstores. The sales pitch tells students they can save half or more.

Digital books can be bought at the store or downloaded from the Follett website, called CafeScribe. The digital book trend is still catching on.

Many Seton Hall students say they have begun to depend on the rentals. About half of all of the university's textbooks are available for rental. That percentage is expected to go up next year.