Facebook offers rewards for security bug reports

September 1, 2011 2:19:00 PM PDT
Facebook says if you can find a security glitch on its site, it'll pay you at least $500 for the details, and it doesn't even care how you get the information.

Security concerns have always been a high priority for both users and creators of Facebook, as people try to strike a balance between keeping their profile updated and not letting strangers see their personal information.

While Facebook does have its own in-house security staff, the company is tapping into the collective talents of its 750 million users to help fix security problems. They're calling it a "bug bounty."

The program launched three weeks ago, and the company has already paid out more than $40,000 to bug spotters.

Anyone who finds an issue can send details to the site, and if it checks out, Facebook will pay out.

Facebook's chief security officer wrote in a blog post that he paid one spotter $5,000 for a really good report.

Another has earned $7,000 for identifying a series of bugs.

The website says even if spotters use less-than-legal methods, it won't press charges.

One industry group says that's the best way of keeping Facebook safe.