Flood victims' cars towed during Obama's visit

September 6, 2011 7:59:30 PM PDT
More than a dozen vehicles belonging to flood victims were towed at the direction of the secret service during the president's visit to Paterson, New Jersey.

"It's a double punch in the face, it's a triple punch in the face, nobody can afford this," said

Paterson resident Darryl Johnson was flooded out and glad to hear that President Obama was coming to see the damage and help, until Darryl's wife's minivan was towed to make room for the president.

"My car was towed, it cost me $250 to get my car back," Johnson said.

They live in the Riverview Towers area which is right by the swollen Passaic River.

Ironically, they were parked on Presidential Boulevard.

"Legally parked, on the street, on Presidential Boulevard, and there were no signs posted," Johnson said.

To be fair, there were two signs in the area when Eyewitness News went there, though no one seems to know when they went up.

This happened to car owners who happened to be flood victims, the very people the President of the United States came to see and help.

The mayor says that the City of Paterson will be picking up the tab.

Paterson's public safety director says that 14 cars were towed, just like Darryl's, all at the direction of the secret service.

"It will be taken care of rather quickly," the public safety director said.

"It makes me feel great, I love Jeffrey Jones, and I appreciate all the hard work that he's doing for the city, and thank you," Johnson said.

His message for the president: "Don't tow my vehicle!"