Dozens of cats found in Long Island home

September 7, 2011 2:35:22 PM PDT
A medical response turned into an animal rescue on Long Island.

Officials at Brookhaven's Animal Shelter are working with the cats owner to bring some of the cats and kittens here for medical treatment and possible adoption. They describe their current situation as unhealthy.

The cats are everywhere in Robert Barrett's home - forty of them by his count. They are Turkish angoras, and he knows them all by name.

But in this house on Gerard Road in Yaphank, permeated with a very strong odor of urine, Brookhaven animal officials say the cats are not in a healthy situation.

"It's just the fact that he has so many cats. It's too much. It's a hording situation," shelter director Dori Scofield said.

Emergency crews responding to a call after Barrett's wife fell and broke her leg discovered the cats and other issues.

"Just the danger of the large amount of feces on the ground and it was a health hazard," Mike Kennedy of the Yaphank Fire Department said.

"I have a man who comes twice a week to clean the house and empty the litter pans. I am not overwhelmed," Barrett insisted.

Barrett denies that he is a hoarder and insists he can take care of all of the cats.

Animal control officials say he cannot.

"It's just out of control. The cats do need medical attention. My plan is to go in there and start taking them out. Start getting them to safe havens," Scofield said.

Because the Town of Brookhaven Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is overwhelmed with cats from other hording cases they are asking for help.

If you are interested in adopting a cat please call 1-631-286-4940 or visit