Missoni unveils new limited line for Target

September 7, 2011 2:50:29 PM PDT
High-end fashion is coming to Target.

For the first time, the high-fashion designer "Missoni" has created hundreds of pieces that will be sold in Target stores across the country.

It's full speed ahead, and soon those who never thought they could afford to, will have a chance to walk through the doors of the legendary fashion house Missoni, by way of Target.

"Even in the family, we are putting down our personal orders and ordering because it's now or never right," said Angela Missoni, designer.

Three generations of Missoni's are the backbone of this Italian company known for its colorful patterns.

But, back in 1953 when it first launched the popular zig zag was not part of the brand.

"My parents, when they started, they had a machine that could do knits but in stripes, so they actually started in stripes," Missoni said.

It's a design you will find in this whole new line of products Missoni created just for target.

It's a departure from the high end line, there's an ottoman and even luggage.

Unlike their signature collection which can cost you thousands, most things here hover around $40.

Their first bike goes for about $400.

"It becomes a kind of collectable cause it's a one shot, it's still has the designer aura," said Margherita Missoni, designer.

The matriarch of the family, Rosita, signed off on the martini glasses.

From kids clothing to things for the bath, there are more than 400 items to pick from, including something for him.

"We went to the achievers and checked for the iconic pattern and design and make it a statement, really on every single piece you can buy," Angela Missoni said.

You have to wonder; at this price point does the quality measure up to the Missoni name?

"The materials are different, some of the techniques we can't make here, they are quite different, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't wear them for example," Margherita Missoni said.

The Missoni for Target Pop-Up Store is located at 42nd Street and 6th Avenue and it opens at 6 p.m. on Thursday night.

The whole collection goes on sale in Target stores and online beginning Tuesday, September 13th.

You can preview the collection at: http://tgtfiles.target.com/lookbook_missoni2011?ref=sr_shorturl_lookbook_missoni2011#