Secondhand smoke and education

September 8, 2011 1:46:38 PM PDT
For parents that smoke you know that secondhand smoke can harm your child's health, well it may also harm their education.

Children who live with smokers in the home, are more likely to miss school.

That's according to a new study just published in the Journal Pediatrics.

It looks at kids age 6 to 11.

Secondhand smoke increased the child's risk of developing colds and ear infections.

And those kids missed one or 2 more days of school a year.

Everybody needs a hug.

And now there's science to prove that hugging your baby lessens pain.

Researchers from Montreal looked at premature babies-analyzing their facial expressions for signs of pain.

They tested out the so-called kangaroo method, where a parent holds the infant directly against his or her bare chest with a only sheet or blanket wrapped around the pair.

The skin to skin contact made medical procedures like drawing blood less painful.

And if painful is how you'd describe your attempt to lose some weight-- new research shows that Weight Watchers works.

That's the headline from the first randomized controlled trial comparing a commercial weight loss program to standard care by family doctors.

Researchers followed more than 700 adults for a year.

On average those on weight watchers lost about 11 pounds, twice as much as those getting the standard care.

That study was paid for by Weight Watchers International but it was conducted by the medical research council in England and published in the well known medical journal, The Lancet.

The next question, if it works, should something like Weight Watchers be covered by health insurance.