Police release video of shooting that killed a bystander

September 9, 2011 2:42:52 PM PDT
Linwood Valdez heard so much gunfire on Monday night, he wasn't certain where it came from.

"It was pretty much a huge blur," he said.

All he remembers is standing right next to 56-year-old Denise Gay and watching her go down.

Now comes the news that the bullet that killed Mrs. Gay did not come from 32-year-old Leroy Webster's gun. He's the one who allegedly started all the shooting. Instead, investigators say the bullet most likely came from a semi-automatic glock. That's the same type of gun police use. Police have released dramatic surveillance video. It's evidence of why there was so much chaos. In the video, you see several men running as Webster shoots one person in the neck. Webster looks around, runs back inside, and then seconds later, he fires again.

You can't see police, but they fire back and you see Webster fall down. If you look carefully, you can see he is brazen enough to keep shooting at them over and over again, injuring two of the officers.

Still, friends and neighbors of Denise Gay can't help but wonder how the bullets could have made their way to her stoop, several doors down.

The bullet was also damaged in the shooting, and investigators are still trying to figure out if anyone else here at the scene was armed.

As they remember a kind-hearted neighbor, and friend. Friday would have been her 57th birthday. Her neighbors were planning a celebration. Now, they just want answers about her death.