Cops caught dirty dancing at parade

September 13, 2011 3:19:02 PM PDT
The NYPD is investigating a video that surfaced of some officers doing some dirty dancing at the West Indian American Day Parade.

The parade took place over Labor Day Weekend.

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NYPD brass knows who the officers are, and they have seen the video.


In most cases, it appears the women approach the officers. Also, none appear to object to the behavior of the cops, but it's clear the officers involved are acting inappropriately for men with guns who are on the job. In some cases, the dancing is beyond a suggestive manner.

Of course, it raises questions about how well some officers were doing their job during a parade that involved two separate incidents that left three people shot.

The officers in the video were just a couple of blocks from the shootings, and it's not clear yet if they responded to them or stayed at their posts along the route. There was also a fatal shooting that night nearby.

NYPD Commisioner Ray Kelly responded, saying he wishes the officers hadn't done some provocative dancing with women at the parade. But in a radio interview on Tuesday, Kelly also said he didn't want to make too much of it.

The homemade video posted online shows women in skimpy costumes rubbing themselves against patrolmen. One set of officers doesn't respond, but two others appear to join in dirty dancing as revelers cheer and laugh.

Kelly said it wasn't unusual for police assigned to patrol the parade to get caught up in its rowdy spirit.

There are no departmental charges yet against the officers, but police are investigating. They have not said if they know yet what disciplinary actions they are considering.