USC allows students to earn a degree through the computer

September 14, 2011 3:59:24 AM PDT
You can do just about anything on an I-pad or I-phone these days. But a college degree?

Now students have a new prestigious option, all thanks to a New York based company.

The University of Southern California is a private institution in the heart of Los Angeles, which boasts of having top-ranked programs in virtually every field. And this is the University of Southern California through an iPad.

In a unique partnership, USC, "2tor" and New York based "Touch App Media" have joined forces to provide a high level education that's portable. Students can get a masters degree in teacher and social work. USC still has a selective admissions process and charges the same tuition as students on campus when the venture started, 80 students were using the new technology, now it's up to 1,500 students. Something the university is thrilled about.

There is a Facebook feel to the program, students can interact with their teachers or other students. They can also take notes. The integration of new technology and traditional teaching is a slow process. Yale has put its lectures online and MIT has built a template for other schools to do the same, but accredited online education at elite schools has yet to catch on.

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