Police search for 2 suspects in Brooklyn sex assaults

September 13, 2011 7:58:12 PM PDT
There are nine confirmed attacks, but investigators say there may be more.

They first thought there was only one person responsible, but now say there may be more than one sexual predator on the prowl in Brooklyn.

All nine sexual assault victims have something in common according to police; they're all petite white females wearing skirts attacked at night as they enter their building.

The most recent attack happened in Park Slope on September 8. Police say the woman was walking home on 12th Street when she was attacked from behind, knocked down to the ground and fondled. She fought back and the suspect ran off.

Deputy Inspector Raul Pintos explained that detectives now believe there may be more than one man responsible for nine attempted sexual assaults in Brooklyn.

Pintos gave a personal update on the investigation Tuesday night to concerned residents at the 72nd Precinct in Sunset Park Brooklyn.

There are now two sketches of two Hispanic males.

In some surveillance video from June at 20th Street and 7th Avenue, the suspect is wearing a white t-shirts and appears thin, with no muscle tone. While police say they saw another suspect with well defined muscle tone.

Investigators are looking for a newer model Beige or cream Chevy Tahoe or Suburban.

No weapon was used in any of the attacks.

There has been a 36% increase in rapes in the 72nd Precinct, so plain clothes and uniformed cops are patrolling.

A rally is scheduled for Wednesday night on the corner of Prospect Avenue and Fourth Street at 8:00 p.m.

The Center for Anti-Violence Education also organized free self-defense courses for women in the area.