Gadgets to help monitor your baby's health

September 14, 2011 2:12:21 PM PDT
Parenting is one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences and can be especially overwhelming for first-time parents. But new technology can help alleviate some of the worries.

It looks like an Easter Egg but it's actually a thermometer. The Gro Egg Digital room thermometer changes colors so you know if the temperature of your baby's room is safe.

Studies show that a room temperature around 68 degrees reduces the risk of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

"Too cold is blue just right is yellow too hot is red," said Alison Rhodes.

Rhodes lost her first child to SIDS and she has since become the so called safety mom.

"All of these great technology gadgets make mothering a lot easier," she adds.

To make traveling easier there is a prodigy infant car seat.

"What's great about this is it has a computer in it and it will tell you if it's not installed probably," adds Alison.

As you fasten the belts, the technology tells you if it's properly tightened and level. Just look for the smiley face to tell you if it was done correctly.

Once you're back home and trying to get things done a digital touch screen video monitor can help.

As Dahlia and Ava entertain their baby brother, their mother Odelya can watch and listen.

And when its naptime the touch screen lets you move the camera, scan the room and zoom in and there's a talk button so your baby can hear your voice.

For working parents if you're wondering what's happening at home this will let you spy.

It's called the ADT Pulse with cameras and you can use your iPad to monitor playrooms, offices and driveways.

But of course all technology has its glitches.

Gro-Egg Color Changing Digital Room Thermometer $28

The Gro-egg color changing digital room thermometer is clever innovation to help create a safe sleeping environment for your baby. Studies have proven that to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a baby's bedroom should be maintained at 61-67°F. The Groegg glows yellow if the room is within the recommended temperature range and changes color if it's not, alerting you to take action by cooling or heating the room or adjusting your bedding or clothing. It also doubles as an adorable nightlight!

Baby Touch Digital Video Monitor $279.99

This revolutionary, touch screen baby monitor pans, scans, and zooms a baby's room, simply by touching the large, 3.5" color screen. The digital audio/video monitor features state-of-the-art, digital technology, plus two-way audio, so you can talk to baby on your way to the nursery. Parent's touch screen receiver includes belt clip, built-in flip stand, and sleek magnetic docking station/charging base (rechargeable cell battery included). Wireless-optional camera sits on a dresser or may be wall mounted. 400 foot transmission range.

The Summer Prodigy Car Seat $179

The Prodigy Infant Car Seat is guided by Smart Screen technology and a revolutionary belt tightening system, you know you've installed it correctly when a smile appears. It is that easy! No need to re-thread the straps either. With the SafeGuard 1-Adjust harness system, the straps automatically conform to your baby's body for a perfect fit every time. With 7 out of 10 car seats currently being installed incorrectly, the Prodigy takes the guesswork out of a proper installation and replaces it with a secure fit to both the car and baby.

ADT Pulse starts at $1999 with monthly monitoring costs of $45

ADT Pulse is a custom home management system device that provides safety and convenience for the whole family. Features include allowing you to remotely watch your babysitter from your phone or computer. For older children it alerts you to activity happening within your home when you're not home -- when doors open (you can check to make sure your child made it home from school), etc. Plus many other features such as with 24/7 monitoring, ADT will notify you of emergency conditions such as fire, intrusion or water rising levels in your home.