Fall is the best time to start planning your holiday break vacations

September 15, 2011 2:11:39 PM PDT
With summer behind you and a holiday break so far away you might be feeling a little bit of travel withdrawal.

But a survey of travelers by website "Trip Advisor" found that the most common way to get over the post-vacation blues is by planning the next trip and fall might be an ideal time to do it.

But don't wait too long. The holiday travel season is closer than you think. The internet is full of travel search engines, including a new one from Google, to find and compare fares, routes and flight times. Some direct you to the airline's sites to book. Others do it themselves.

Southwest, Jet Blue and Airtran are among the carriers that have rolled out fall sales, but you'll want to look and book quickly. Some airlines have scaled back on the number of available seats on domestic flights in the final months of 2011, thanks to the shaky economy and high fuel prices.

And if you plan to travel with the kids, there will soon be new procedures at the security checkpoints, after TSA agents get the necessary training. Kids younger than 12 will be allowed to keep their shoes on, and they will get multiple passes through machines before a pat-down screening.