Barber slashed in Clifton at closing time

September 16, 2011 2:03:48 PM PDT
Police in Clifton, New Jersey, are searching for the man who slashed a Barbershop employee.

"It was one swing from here down," the victim said.

Eyewitness News is withholding the victim's name because the person who attacked him is still out there.

But the 20-year-old wants his story told.

It's a horrifying story of a random violent act that will leave this young man scarred for life.

At around 10:30 Tuesday night he was closing up the barber shop where he works on Lexington Avenue.

The store surveillance video shows a man knocking on the door.

When the victim opens the door, what follows is a brief interaction.

The man asked for a haircut, but the barber said he couldn't give him one.

The man kept asking, and then without warning, lashed out with some sort of sharp blade he had in his pocket.

"So fast. He just cut me from the top of my head all the way down my face and then down to my chest," the victim said.

The slasher ran away.

The barber dropped to his knees and quickly locked the door.

He fumbled for his cell phone as the blood began to pour from his face.

"It took me a while to dial 911 because the phone was covered in blood, you know," the victim said.

The result was100 stitches to the gash on his face, 18 staples in his chest, and an emotional toll that can't be measured.

"I'm scared, you know," the victim said.

Who could blame him?

Police are concerned too and say that they need your help.

"If they could look at the video, and if they know anything please contact us. Because if he could do this to someone else, he has no regard for life," said Sgt. Robert Bracken, Clifton Police Department.

The barber's blood still covers the floor.

As his co-workers clean the shop, he sits at home in pain, hoping for justice.

"I want him locked up forever, I'm scared," the victim said.

Nothing was taken from the shop, and the victim did not recognize the attacker.