Why you need to shop now for holiday travel

September 16, 2011 2:34:41 PM PDT
The airports are calm and the ticket lines are short now, so it's hard to imagine that the buzz of the holidays will be here soon.

"I was hoping you could get a last minute deal," Alison Swedenberg said.

Swedenberg's idea of getting a discounted trip to spend Thanksgiving in Virginia is just not gonna fly, says travel expert Pauline Frommer.

"There are no last minute bargains for the holidays," she said.

She explains tickets prices now are as low as they're going to get.

"You want to start looking for your holiday airfares right now. I know it sounds early this is the way to get the best deals," Frommer said.

When booking those flights, Frommer recommends trying to travel well before or after each holiday.

"If you can extend your vacation in that way you'll pay less," she said.

Experts say traveling on Thanksgiving or Christmas day can also save you quite a bit.

"Prices can be as much as a third cheaper," Frommer said.

She says you'll save even more making that purchase on a Tuesday or Wednesday when prices are lowest.

"Get going now. Prices are only going up. There are fewer bargains than last year. That is our ugly Christmas gift," Frommer said.

You can find more travel tips from Pauline Frommer at www.frommers.com/pauline.

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