Volunteers try to get guns off streets in the Bronx

September 17, 2011 4:27:33 PM PDT
There was yet another murder in the Bronx Saturday morning.

A 35-year-old man was shot in the head in the Belmont section.

Unfortunately, it's just the latest in a rising tide of gun violence across the borough.

On Saturday, community leaders and volunteers went door to door encouraging each resident to do their part to help get guns off the street.

They started in the Soundview section.

Miriam Sanchez's father was murdered.

"You don't know how a person feels when there's a homicide in the family," Sanchez said.

That's why she joined the Bronx Borough president and other volunteers.

"We got the peace in our streets initiative we're sick and tired of illegal weapons," Sanchez said.

They went person to person and door to door handing out flyers with information on how residents can try to stop gun violence.

Among the other programs on the flyers, they note an initiative in which New Yorkers in all five boroughs can report illegal guns and get a $1,000 reward if there's an arrest.

It's an anonymous phone call you don't have to give your name.

But the group of volunteers with this "Peace in our Streets" initiative is not just battling against weapons, they're fighting a dangerously deep-rooted mentality.

"That's snitching, no we [are] not going [to] do that. That's snitching," one resident told Eyewitness News.

But Sanchez calls it being responsible and stopping the bullets before they blast through another family.

"It's about saving a life," Sanchez said.

That number to anonymously report illegal guns is 1-866-GUN-STOP (486-7867).