Protests on Wall Street enter fourth day Tuesday

September 20, 2011 4:52:33 AM PDT
Demonstrators filled Wall Street for a third day of protests on Monday, upset over the financial industry's role in the struggling economy.

The NYPD restricted access to the financial district after a weekend of protests targeting financial firms.

Police officers hauled away one woman in handcuffs on Monday afternoon. Her friends say she ignored a police order to stop writing on the sidewalk with chalk.

The crowd taunted police, but there was no violence. That has been the case during most of the demonstration.

Several hundred, galvanized by an online movement called Occupy Wall Street chanted and marched through the financial district on Monday.

They didn't derail the system and never walked on Wall Street... Police set up barricades and limited access to residents and office workers who had to show identification.

Police are only saying that anyone blocking pedestrian traffic will be arrested. So far, that's amounted to a handful of people.

The protesters say peaceful change is their message.

More than 1,000 people marched Saturday, protesting what they call corporate greed and political corruption. Many of the protesters say their goal is to inhabit parts of Lower Manhattan like protesters did in Egypt's Tahrir Square earlier this year.

Police closed the areas in front of the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall over the weekend. Although only a few hundred people rallied near Case Manhattan Plaza Sunday, authorities want to make sure the beginning of the business week doesn't trigger more extreme forms of protest.

So far, the demonstrations have been peaceful, though two people were arrested Saturday for trying to enter a financial building wearing bandanas.

The protesters say they want to make their point through dialogue, not destruction.

"Not rioting, but non-violent protest," one demonstrator said. "That's really the answer."

Some protesters said they planned to demonstrate all week.