Young father gunned down in Paterson, New Jersey

September 20, 2011 4:16:05 AM PDT
A young father was gunned down on the streets of Paterson, New Jersey.

Kennedy Hughes turned 4 years old Monday, bur for the first time in her short life, her father wasn't be there to help celebrate.

Adrian Hughes was gunned down Sunday night in Paterson, while walking home from his brother's house.

The 26-year-old was a family man with two young children and a wife he took care of and who are left devastated by their loss.

"Somebody just took his life for nothing," wife Jamie said.

Friends and family members lit candles and wrote tributes to Hughes, and they cried for him and for a culture that finds a perverted justice in guns and violence.

"I'm tired of young kids and violence, he was only 26," Hughes' friend Rock said.

His youngest daughter was just 2, and Kennedy just turned 4. They will have only pictures now, and a white sheet of written memories, and anguish that will not go away.