Season changes and your feet

September 20, 2011 3:10:57 PM PDT
You're back in your fall heels after a summer of comfy flip flops and your feet already hurt. We tend to forget about the fact that our feet are baring all the weight in our body and it puts a lot of wear and tear on us through time.

Sally of Spafinder says as you trade out your summer flip flops for fall stilettos take care of your feet.

Indulge in a day of foot paradise with these remedies.

Try foot fitness class at Yumuna Studio in New York. You'll do heel work and toe work. It hurts, but it works. It activates the outside edge and supportive muscles to distribute your weight more evenly.

Then take your newly exercised feet to Jin Soon Foot and Spa for a peppermint and sea salt foot soak then an orange sugar and honey foot scrub. The foot spa treatment will help increase circulation.

After a foot scrub it is onto the clay, which Jin Soon calls the magic slipper. It is a 10 minute facial on your feet to soften your skin.

The magic slipper will make you want to ignore those shoes and head to Bliss Spa for more.

With a little lotion and a little reflexology session, Ben Brown of Bliss will stretch your soles and do a thumb-walk, hitting points to get your blood flowing. Thirty minutes later you will be happy your feet are in his hands.

Most people don't usually come in for a massage treatment for their feet. According to Brown, they usually come in to loosen up their neck or shoulders, but honestly should be focusing on their feet.

Paying attention to your feet is going to last the rest of your life.


Reflexology at

Foot Fitness at YamunaBodyRolling.Com

Magic Clay Slipper at