New video released of suspect in Brooklyn sex attacks

September 21, 2011 4:06:50 AM PDT
Police have released video of one of a possible three suspects they say is involved in at least 10 sexual attacks in Brooklyn.

Walking alone along the dimly lit streets of Park Slope, women don't know these days if they are safe.

Ten times since March, women have been sexually assaulted as they walked toward their homes, and as much as it has frightened the community, it has galvanized it too.

"It made me angry and we want to help each other," resident John Steiner said.

Steiner is a bartender and one of several residents who have volunteered to escort women home from subways late at night in the wake of the attacks, the first of which, was caught on surveillance tape and shown on Eyewitness News.

The escort idea was Jay Ruiz's, and he's also starting a community patrol to supplement the beefed up police presence.

Local officials held another public meeting Tuesday, a chance to tell residents that the number of assaults linked to the two men in the sketches is now up to ten, to listen to ways they can improve their patrols, and to emphasize that the police probably can't catch the two men alone.

In some surveillance video from June at 20th Street and 7th Avenue, the suspect is wearing a white t-shirts and appears thin, with no muscle tone. While police say they saw another suspect with well defined muscle tone.

Investigators are looking for a newer model Beige or cream Chevy Tahoe or Suburban.

No weapon was used in any of the attacks.

There has been a 36% increase in rapes in the 72nd Precinct, so plain clothes and uniformed cops are patrolling.