4 men arrested in Bellmore home invasion robbery

September 22, 2011 4:33:47 AM PDT
Four men have been arraigned on charges related to a frightening home invasion burglary Monday morning on Long Island.

Family members of two of the accused lashed out at news crews covering the arraignments at First District Court.

One woman even attacked a reporter from behind with a baby stroller. The reporter went down in pain.

Earlier, police led all four robbery suspects out of headquarters, after piecing together the string of violence that led to the lockdowns of almost two dozen schools and a shootout with police.

The chain of events started when Arshad Sumra opened his door and found himself staring down the barrel of a gun.

Police say Carlos Segura, Eduardo Cruz, Gustavo Arroyo and Dario Guerrero stole cash and then fled - one on foot, the others in a white car.

A few miles away, prosecutors say Guerrero, who was at the wheel, tried to run down police officers, who fired through the windshield. A fragment hit Guerrero in the leg.

Police considered the case closed, but Sumra said that he saw more than just four bad guys on Monday. In fact, he now says he counted nine in three different cars.

Police say it's news to them. They plan to interview Sumra again.