Police hunt for suspects in Bronx school robberies

September 22, 2011 9:25:09 AM PDT
Police continue investigating a string of school burglaries in the Bronx.

Police say a group of men are breaking into public schools in the Tremont section and making off with electronic equipment.

The suspects roam around the hallways of the schools, apparently realizing they may be caught on video because they cover their heads, yet they show no signs of rushing. They search numerous floors and classrooms for anything they can steal.

Parents are just getting word about the latest two break-ins.

So far there have been six school burglaries at PS279. The burglaries started on August 25, and the latest incident happened on September 11. The suspects entered through a window they smashed at the back of the building.

Police in the 46th Precinct have already made one arrest of a 13-year-old following a break-in at MS 363, which was hit several times. But an unknown number of additional suspects are thought to be involved, and the NYPD is hoping someone in the public will recognize the suspects and help catch them.