Young child calls 911 and saves mother's life

September 22, 2011 2:22:26 PM PDT
The FDNY gave Drew Champagnie far more than a round of applause. They made the 7-year-old hero a junior EMT, at a special ceremony, after he made the 9-1-1 call Wednesday in Brooklyn that saved his mother's life.

Drew's mom was having a seizure, but still, he tried to keep calm, having the composure to remember all the important information.

"Drew knew his home phone number, his address, his school, his father's cell phone number. He had it all, unlike most of us!" Commissioner Salvatore Cassano said.

And even though Drew is a soft-spoken third grader, and only 4 feet tall, his character speaks volumes in these calls. He still wants to go to school.

The folks on the other end of the phone couldn't have been more impressed, as they hung in there with him.

"My hair stand up because I'm just in shock. He was just awesome," EMS Responder, Crystal Guzman said.

According to his mother, who is still recovering today, Drew is also very protective.

"He told me this morning..don't do anything..relax, relax..." said Drew's mother Donna Gilkes-Champagnie.

The fire commissioner says all families can learn something from Drew. This is valuable information to review with our own children in case of an emergency. Meanwhile, today, Drew repeated his new oath of office.

"I promise to be the best junior EMT that I can be," Drew said.