Grocery must haves for proper detox

September 23, 2011 4:50:03 AM PDT
it's all the rage these days for health conscious folks, cleansings and detoxing your system. There's a natural way to do it with food.

Right now at Maxwell's Farmstand the crates are overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables, green beans and mouth watering tomatoes.

"The yellow ones are less acidic than the red ones. I didn't know that so less acidic," said Dr. Jeffery Morrison.

Morrison, author of the book "Cleanse Your Body, Clear Your Mind" wants us to focus on these ten items, all top detoxifiers.

"They will improve your body's ability to heal itself," he adds.

The more you add to your diet, Dr. Morrison says the healthier you'll be.

Broccoli contains a nutrient that will help detox your liver. Artichokes can help lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure and garlic.

"This is something you want to prepare early in the meal because once you start crushing it you start releasing the natural enzymes that enhance the nutritional value," adds Dr. Morrison.

Pick up a bag of apples, they're full of fiber, beets, are good for your eyes and seaweed, also loaded with fiber and something else.

"Sea vegetables help to lower bad estrogen levels, so decreases the risk of breast cancer," adds Dr. Morrison.

Dr. Morrison suggests grinding up flax seeds and sprinkling them over your cereal will help bind and flush toxins from your body.

This bunch of greens, dandelions aids with digestion and is a natural diuretic, try sauteing it or get your dose in tea.

Spice up your diet with tumeric and finally lemons, a great source of vitamin C but Dr, Morrison says they're best when they're ripe but how do you know when.