Preview of Pan Am

September 23, 2011 1:41:50 PM PDT
ABC's "Pan Am," one of the most highly anticipated new shows of the fall season, premieres Sunday night on Channel 7, WABC-TV.

Entertainment reporter Sandy Kenyon got a sneak peak of the Pan Am experience, as did dozens of "passengers" who got to watch a preview of the show guided by 1960s Pan Am stewardesses in Times Square Friday.

When it comes to flying, getting there used to be half the fun. And half a century ago, no airline got you there in greater style than Pan Am.

Home base for Christina Ricci and the rest of the cast and crew of the new show is in Brooklyn, at Steiner Studios, where a full size mock-up of an old jet has been built from salvaged parts. The scripts filmed there are just as authentic, thanks to executive producer Nancy Hult Ganis, a former stewardess who spent half a dozen years flying for Pan Am during the airline's golden age.

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