Pharmacy killer speaks out to Eyewitness News

September 23, 2011 8:13:08 PM PDT
He went there to rob, not to commit murder. That claim, in his words from mass murderer David Laffer.

He pleaded guilty to killing four people execution style, during a robbery at a pharmacy on Long Island.

Eyewitness News reporter N.J. Burkett spoe to Laffer in jail where he's being held in Riverhead.

He says he has a lot of remorse, says he doesn't cry but then again doesn't sleep much either.

Laffer also says he deserves to die for what he did.

From the moment he was arrested, David Laffer said it hasn't stopped. The slow motion replay of that horrible morning, when he murdered four people.

"I sleep three to four hours a night. It might be the guilt or my conscience. I have a great deal of remorse," said Laffer. "Every minute, it replays itself like a non-stop loop in my mind," he adds.

Laffer insists he did not intend to fire his pistol, that he simply panicked when he approached the pharmacist.

"One or two seconds after that first shot, I thought, 'Oh my God, I actually just killed someone," he adds. "I panicked. I just kept thinking, 'You have to get out, you have to get out, get out, get out, get out.'"

Laffer says he was desperate to help his wife Melinda Brady in her quest for prescription pain killers. He says he didn't intend to go to the pharmacy to shoot anyone, but his first priority was to not get caught.

He says he's convinced he will be killed in prison, and it will only be a matter of time.

"I don't expect to survive the first month in general population. I wouldn't say I'm scared, but I'm not looking forward to it," adds Laffer. "If New York State had a death penalty, that would be the most appropriate sentence for me."

Laffer says his own mother will barely spend 10 seconds on the telephone when he calls her.